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News Release

MITSUBISHI Attended to JIAM with Making “New Possibility to M+ Sewing Machine”

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan) attended to JIAM with making “new possibility of M+ sewing machine” as exhibition concept.
Electronic sewing machine especially produced by advanced technology: P LK-G series was exhibited in first in a roll together with each models, and their models attracted visitor’s attention.
The sewing machine of automation of sewing, laborsaving and energy saving which is realized by PLK series was introduced in JIAM 2012.
“Changes for the Better” is the target and posture of the Mitsu-bishi Electric group.
This meaning is aiming at “Technology, service and improvement in creativity.”
Furthermore, Mitsubishi promises a customer to cultivate “more wonderful tomorrow.” This is a corporate statement of the Mitsubishi Electric group.
Mitsubishi attended to JIAM 2012 under the theme of “Energy saving”, “Silent low vibration”and “Automation and productivity drive.” of the PLK-G series which completed the series.
Moreover, statement for the environment of the Mitsubishi Electric group: “eco changes” is pledge of the determination that we change a world into Eko with the society which exists previously.
Electronic sewing machine: PLK-G series reduced power consumption a maximum of about 20% - 40%. It demonstrates a big effect to a running cost, CO2 reduction, etc.
The outline of displayed model
• PLK-G series: 8 models (small size ~ large-sized area), PTN-GX (advanced sewing data creation software), and 3 models of common sewing machines.
• Joint exhibition model: 2 models (PLY (Pockst welting machine), 1010V4 (For pocket design).
1. It can be sewn from a high speed to a low speed by 750W direct servomotor adopting of Mitsubishi.
2. The exact stitch and reduction of vibration was realized by the optimal design of a working part and original feedback control.
3. Since the height of stepping foot lift is programmable according to the thickness of sewing goods, the step stitch and thread breakage can be prevented.
4. Commercial USB memory can be used for preservation of sewing data and read-out. Moreover, FLOPPY DISK equipment with a USB function can also be connected.
5. The large-sized liquid crystal touch type navigational panel corresponds to five languages, Japanese, English, French, Spanish, and Chinese.
6. The sewing pattern creation up to 20,000 stitches is possible. Moreover, pattern data with many numbers of stitch can also be processed by high-speed CPU.
7. Optional equipment required for a productivity drive and working improvement can be controlled by a built-in sequence program.
8. Silent and low vibrating technology are adopted as all the series. And it contributes to the improvement of work environment.
9. Figure creation capability is improving by leaps and bounds, and graphic data processing from the outside can be performed simply (PTN-GX).

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