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We are the oldest publisher in Japan of which it is a specialized magazine of English edition
for the industrial and household sewing machine.
Since the foundation in 1951, we are outgoing the information of the Sewing Machine Industry to
the whole world.

Information for Sewing Machine and Garment Industries

3 Great Features:

1) The Eclectic Link
It is possible to Link to the website of the manufacturer of the sewing relative equipments in the worlds such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Germany instantly.
According to the country, it is possible to see by different kind of category.

2) The Exhibition Information
It is the Exhibition Information of the sewing relative equipments which is hosted in world each place. It is possible to link to the site of the exhibition, also.
Further, it is introducing the state of the main exhibition with the photograph.


Texprocess 2013 PHOTO FLASH


3) News Release
You can see the various News Release which is disclosed by Japanese and foreign manufacturers, Association, Exhibition,etc.

Texprocess Americas 2016:
Techtextil North America and Texprocess Americas 2016 Shows High Quality of Attendance

(From Atlanta, GA., USA .....)
Heat and fire resistant basalt fabrics, recycled fibers, 3D body scanning and automated laser treated denim were just some of the highlights during the thirteenth edition of Techtextil North America, and third Texprocess Americas that took place May 3 ~ 5, 2016 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

“JUKI CO., LTD.” Famous for “baby lock” Changes
its Company Name

JUKI CO., LTD. (President and CEO: Mr. Susumu Hirokata, Head office: Tokyo, Japan) known for sales of Small Type Overlock Sewing Machine branded “baby lock” changed the name to the new name “baby lock Co., Ltd.” from July 1.

Joint VDMA Stand at JIAM 2016 OSAKA

(From Frankfurt, Germany .....)
On the occasion of the 11th JIAM (Japan International Apparel Machinery & Textile Industry Trade Show), taking place from 6 to 9 April in Osaka, German and European manufacturers of sewing and garment technology presented their broad product portfolio on the joint VDMA stand.


NEWLONG and SUZUKI Participate in International
&Technology Exhibition (FOOMA JAPAN 2016) from Sewing Machinery Industry

International Food Machinery & Technology Exhibition (FOOMA JAPAN 2016) organized by Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers Association was held at Tokyo Big Site for four days from June 7 to 10 of this year as well.
This exhibition has been held once a year as the largest “general trade show for food technology” in Asia in which a variety of enterprises relating to food production process from raw material processing and production to distribution system focusing on food machineries.


Pakistan: Success of Female Workers is a Key to the Growth of Garment Industry ?

IGATEX PAKISTAN 2016 (The 9th International Garment, Textile & Leather Machinery & Accessories Exhibition & Conference) was held last April in Lahore Expo Center in Pakistan.
JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) covering the exhibition heard from a Japanese machinery manufacturer who exhibited at this exhibition that sales of related machinery are strong, but there is a concern to the growth of the garment industry itself.


Myanmar’s Clothing Industry is Set for Significant Growth
in the Coming Years

Myanmar’s clothing industry is forecast to grow significantly in the coming years, according to report in the latest issue of global apparel markets from the business information company Textiles Intelligence.
Forecasters have predicted that there could be up to 1.5 million jobs in the garment industry by 2020 compared with approximately 230,000 in mid-2015, and that garment exports could rise from US$1.5 million in 2014 to as much as US$12 billion in 2020.


FEIYUE Successfully Attends INDO INTERTEX 2016
(Indonesia International Textile and Garment Machinery
& Accessories Exhibition)

(From Zhejiang, China .....)
During 27 ~ 30 April, INDO INTERTEX 2016 (The 14th Indonesia International Textile and Garment Machinery & Accessories Exhibition) was held by Indonesian Ministry of Industry, Indonesian Textile Association, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Indonesian Exhibition Companies Association.


JACK is Hot in Poland Exhibition

(From Zhejiang, China .....)
Recently, JACK Sewing Machine “A4” appeared on the Poland exhibition. Good-looking and speaking machine is popular with everyone.
Once “the first speaking machine A4” was shown on the exhibition, it attracted many clients’ attention. They visited and stopped at JACK stand.


July 2016 Issue

Top of Month

Monthly Statutory Minimum Wage of Shanghai, China
becomes RMB 2,190 from April

The statutory minimum wage of Shanghai City, China was raised to RMB2,190 per month from April 1 of this year which was the highest level in China.
However, rate of increase was 8.4%, one digit for the first time since 2009. While the economic slowdown is stronger, the pace of wage increase has become moderate.
Shanghai authorities announced last March that they would adjust the social security criteria such as statutory minimum wage, wage increase guideline, unemployment benefit, workers’ compensation insurance benefit etc. from April 1.
Statutory minimum wage of regular workers of Shanghai increased by RMB170 to RMB 2,190 from traditional RMB2,020 per month and was highest in China exceeding RMB2,030 of Shenzhen of Guangdong Province.
Adjustment of the minimum wage has been made 23 times for seven consecutive years from 2010, and the amount became more than 10 times compared with 1993 (RMB210) when the minimum wage system was introduced.
On the other hand, legal minimum hourly wage of non-full-time employment workers who does not exceed 4 hours per day in the same place of employment or total 24 hours in a week (part) was also raised from a conventional RMB18 to RMB19.
Minimum wage system is carried out all over China 31 provinces and others, and the adjustment of every two years is compulsory.
However, raising width of the national average from 22.0% in 2011, 17.0% in 2013 and14.0% in 2015 has declined in the last five years. Shanghai stays at 8.4% this time, and the double-digit growth rate which was followed by six years from 2010 slowed.
Wage increase guidelines estimated when performing the wage negotiation of the labor and management in 2016 has been determined on the basis of Shanghai’s economic growth rate, consumer price index, wage level etc. However, unlike the legal minimum wage, it is not legally binding.


Monthly Newspaper "SewTrade"
July 2016 Issue

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