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We are the oldest publisher in Japan of which it is a specialized magazine of English edition
for the industrial and household sewing machine.
Since the foundation in 1951, we are outgoing the information of the Sewing Machine Industry to
the whole world.

Information for Sewing Machine and Garment Industries

3 Great Features:

1) The Eclectic Link
It is possible to Link to the website of the manufacturer of the sewing relative equipments in the worlds such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Germany instantly.
According to the country, it is possible to see by different kind of category.

2) The Exhibition Information
It is the Exhibition Information of the sewing relative equipments which is hosted in world each place. It is possible to link to the site of the exhibition, also.
Further, it is introducing the state of the main exhibition with the photograph.


Texprocess 2013 PHOTO FLASH


3) News Release
You can see the various News Release which is disclosed by Japanese and foreign manufacturers, Association, Exhibition,etc.

FEIYUE Elected Again as the CSMA Vice Director Unit

(From Zhejiang, China .....)
On October 18th, organized by the CSMA (China Sewing Machinery Association), the 2016 industry conference was held in the Golden Hall of Beijing Hotel.
This meeting was to re-elect the tenth membership, Qiu Jibao (President of Feiyue Group) was elected as the tenth vice director of the CSMA, and Feiyue was elected again as the vice director unit that is the 5 consecutive membership.


FEIYUE Attends 120th Canton Fair

(From Zhejiang, China .....)
On October, the 120th session Canton Fair was held in Guangzhou. Feiyue attended the fair and attracted lots of customers.
Feiyue sales manager introduced the high-end automatic sewing machine at site to the customers. As long as insert pendrive into computerized household sewing machine, and then choose from the computer, you can easily realize the sewing by just start button.


Minimum Wage of Workers become $153 Per Month
in Sewing Factory in Cambodia

Cambodian Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training (MLVT) has decided to raise the minimum wage of workers engaging in sewing factory from $140 per month by 9.3% to $153 in 2017. It will be applied to at least 700 thousand from 1st January 2017.
Cambodia’s recent minimum wage increase rate is 61 dollars in 2012, 80 dollars in 2013 (31.1% increase from the previous year), 100 dollars in 2014 (25.0% increase), 128 dollars in 2015 (28.0% increase) &140 dollars in 2016 (9.4% increase).


ITMA ASIA + CITME 2016 Attracts Strong Interest with
Large Showcase of Latest Technology for the Textile
Machinery Industry

(From Shanghai, China .....)

Featuring the largest showcase in the series since its launch in 2008, the recently concluded ITMA ASIA + CITME 2016 textile machinery exhibition received a very strong response from visitors.
By the end of the five-day show on 25 October, the fifth combined showcase registered a visitorship of over 100,000 from 102 countries and regions. 20% of the visitors came from outside China.


Record Exhibitor Number Affirms ITMA ASIA + CITME 2016
as the Unrivalled Business Platform in China for the Textile
Machinery Industry

(From Shanghai, China .....)
This year marks a new milestone for the fifth ITMA ASIA + CITME 2016 exhibition when it opened October 21 with the largest show in the series since its inception.
A total of 1,673 exhibitors from 28 countries and economies are showcasing a wide array of machinery and solutions to an expected visitorship of around 100,000 during the five-day exhibition.


New President for CEMATEX

(From Zurich, Switzerland .....)

CEMATEX, the European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers based in Zurich, Switzerland, has appointed Mr. Fritz P. Mayer as its new President at its recent General Assembly meeting held in Amsterdam.
Mr. Mayer takes over the Presidency from Mr. Charles Beauduin, who retires from the position after 4 years at the helm.


ACIMIT “Sustainable Technologies” Project

(From Milano, Italy .....)
Italian textile machinery companies are working to provide technology solutions that place reduced consumption in energy, water and chemical products at the center of the production process in the textile industry, supporting their customers in order to reach the target in terms of efficiency and cost savings.


December 2016 Issue

Top of Month

Present Situation of the Sri Lanka’s Apparel Industry

Largest export industry of Sri Lanka is the apparel industry. But like other countries with the rise of labor cost, the country is seeking a new growth model.
High value-added products are produced in their own country, low-cost products are tried to take advantage of the garment factory of countries such as India and Bangladesh or East Africa.
Sri Lanka’s apparel industry has developed rapidly by the entry of foreign companies triggered by the market open economy introduced in 1977.
Accounting for about 46% of the total export of Sri Lanka in 2015, about 90% is shipments to North America and Europe.
According to the statistics of JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization), export value of Sri Lanka’s apparel products, was US$2.75 billion in 2005, but about $4.55 billion in 2015 and it has become about 1.7 times in 10 years.
As a driving force is women’s underwear, the sum of exports of bra and shorts significantly extends from $460 million to $1.12 billion and 2.4 times in the same period.
One of the factors that led to this sharp rise includes trade expansion with a major company of the United State which carries out a consignment production of women’s underwear in Sri Lanka.
Since sewing process of these women’s underwear or infant clothing is complex compared with the trousers and T-shirt, and also need special materials and processing, it is generally classified into high value-added products. From these statistics, due to an increase in domestic labor costs, it can be seen that the production of Sri Lanka’s apparel products are shifted gradually to the high value-added products.
Sri Lanka’s apparel industry which shifts to high value-added products has promoted the transfer of production of products of which labor-intensive elements are strong such as pants, shirts & T-shirts to other countries.


Monthly Newspaper "SewTrade"
December 2016 Issue

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