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We are the oldest publisher in Japan of which it is a specialized magazine of English edition
for the industrial and household sewing machine.
Since the foundation in 1951, we are outgoing the information of the Sewing Machine Industry to
the whole world.

Information for Sewing Machine and Garment Industries

3 Great Features:

1) The Eclectic Link
It is possible to Link to the website of the manufacturer of the sewing relative equipments in the worlds such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Germany instantly.
According to the country, it is possible to see by different kind of category.

2) The Exhibition Information
It is the Exhibition Information of the sewing relative equipments which is hosted in world each place. It is possible to link to the site of the exhibition, also.
Further, it is introducing the state of the main exhibition with the photograph.


Texprocess 2013 PHOTO FLASH


3) News Release
You can see the various News Release which is disclosed by Japanese and foreign manufacturers, Association, Exhibition,etc.

Baby Lock Tech 2016 is Held

Best Ever 319 Companies such as Dealers from the United States, About 660 People Participated

The annual “Baby Lock Tech” was held for 5 days from August 27 to 31 this year, at the Hyatt Regency Riverfront Hotel of St. Louis, MO., U.S.A., and Mr. Steve Jeffery, President of Baby Lock USA from the organizer and Mr. Susumu Hirokata, President & CEO of Baby Lock Co., Ltd. in Japan joined and 319 companies such as dealers from the United States, about 660 people, a record number of participants were invited.


German Textile and Textile Machinery-related Companies
Try to Expand Business in Vietnam

While economic relation is strengthened between Germany and Vietnam, manufacturers of textile and textile machinery of Germany has focused on business expansion in Vietnam.
In addition, there is also a movement to explore the possibility of collaboration by Japanese and German companies doing business in the local.


VDMA Textile Care, Fabric and Leather Technologies:
New Name and New Board for Manufacturers of Garment and Leather Technology Industrial Sector Continues to Grow

(From Stuttgart, Germany .....)
The manufacturers of garment and leather as well as laundry and textile cleaning technology grouped in VDMA, will become VDMA Textile Care, Fabric and Leather Technologies.
The new name reflects the industry’s strong international approach. Apart from that, each sector represented in the Association — manufacturers of sewing and garment technology, manufacturers of shoe and leather technology, manufacturers of laundry and textile cleaning technology and manufacturers of machines for processing technical textiles — shall find themselves reflected in the new designation.


Messe Frankfurt Launching Upscale Off-Price Trade Show
in New York in 2017

(From New York, U.S.A. .....)

Trade show company Messe Frankfurt, organizer of Texworld USA, will launch a new high-end, off-price trade show in New York next year.
Boulevard Prêt-A-Sale will debut March 21 ~ 23 at the Javits Center in New York.
The debut show will focus on menswear, but for the second edition, in October, men’s and women’s apparel, accessories and footwear will be added.


Messe Frankfurt Launches Events in Africa’s Textile Sector

In 2017, Texworld, Apparel Sourcing and Texprocess will celebrate their premières at Africa Sourcing & Fashion Week in Ethiopia
Platform for garment production and textile industry in east Africa

(From Frankfurt, Germany .....)
Following Europe, Asia and America, Messe Frankfurt is expanding its textile event portfolio to encompass Africa.
From 2017 onwards, Messe Frankfurt will enter into a partnership with Africa Sourcing & Fashion Week in Ethiopia.


November 2016 Issue

Top of Month

Export Statistics of Japanese Industrial and
Household Sewing Machine Parts in Jan. to Jun. 2016

The First Place of Industrial Parts is China,
and Household Parts is Taiwan

The actual results of export for Japanese household and industrial sewing machine parts in January to June 2016 were announced by JASMA (Japan Sewing Machinery Manufacturers Association).
• Household Sewing Machine Parts
The Japanese household sewing machine parts which exported to all over the world in January to June 2016 recorded 180 million yen, showing decrease of 10.4% compared with the previous year.
The first place was Taiwan, and it was recorded 68.4 million yen, showing decrease of 1.8% compared with the previous year.
The production of the sewing machine in Taiwan has decreased year by year. Because the production of sewing machine by leading manufacturers (Zeng Hsing and Sunbeen, etc.) in Taiwan proper has already been changed their production foothold from Taiwan to China and Vietnam. As a result of this, the production volume in Taiwan has decreased year by year.
However, Brother and Janome of Japan produce the sewing machine, and it is thought that there is much production quantity of two companies.
The second place was China, and it was recorded 45.3 million yen, showing decrease of 29.5% compared with the previous year.
The factory of Brother, Zeng Hsing and Sunbeen have already advanced from Japan and Taiwan to China. Recently, most of parts being used are Chinese ones, because price is cheap.
In addition to this, Chinese manufacturers such as Feiyue and other middle class sewing machine makers have been producing computer sewing machine at present. Even these manufacturers do not use Japan-made parts any longer. In particular, Brother’s production in the factory of China is stable and it has increased the production in Vietnam.


Monthly Newspaper "SewTrade"
November 2016 Issue

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